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January 2002 DTC
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To join the January Jujubes in their Yahoo egroup, you will need to send an email listing your DTC Date (Documents to China), your agency, the age of child requested and a little information about who you are.

We'll use this site to inform people about our group, share ideas, and organize events and activities. We'll post information when the referrals start pouring in.

Please sign our guest book.

With what started as a tongue in cheek suggestion, the January Jujubes stuck (no pun intended) as a name for our group.  The 'Western' Jujube is known as the sweet treat that is colorful and lends a playful quality that we think we as a group have.  But, did you know that there is also a tree call a Jujube?  It is a Chinese Date tree that has been brought to Europe, South and North America, similar to our adopted children.  After finding this out, we became the January Jujubes.

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